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TAG Perimeter Executive Luncheon Series Presenting... David Wu, CEO of Motus Nova


TAG Perimeter Executive Luncheon Series Presents... 

"Driving Innovation in Healthcare - How AI and Robotics are Revolutionizing Neuro-Rehabilitation"

David Wu, Founder & CEO, Motus Nova LLC

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Time: 11:30am - 1:30pm


About Motus Nova

Named to the 2019 Top 10 Innovative Tech Companies in Ga!

Davis Wu is the Chief Executive Officer of Motus Nova, a privately held health care technology company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Prior to founding Motus Nova, David helped manage multiple clinical trials involving the underlying technology behind the Motus Nova robotic exoskeleton technology. With a decade of experience in technology startups, David manages the key business and strategy of Motus Nova. A frequent speaker at international technology events, David is a member of both the Horasis Global Visions community and the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF). Mr. Wu holds both a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Emory University.

Motus Nova is transforming healthcare rehabilitation for victims of stroke and traumatic brain injury. Motus Nova’s patented, home based robotic exoskeleton is guided by AI and incorporates clinically proven therapeutic immersive entertainment (“Theratainment”) to facilitate motor function recovery and independence. The AI driven, robotic exoskeleton simulates the guided movements of a live physical therapist while video games as “Theratainment” mask the tedium and repetition of traditional rehabilitation. The monotonous lifting of a weight is replaced by the flying of a spaceship, dodging asteroids and shooting enemies.

Motus Nova has research and clinical partnerships with the top national healthcare institutions and has conducted multiple clinical trials showing the Motus Nova robotics matching the results of some of the most effective treatments available in the clinic at a fraction of the cost. Motus Nova’s Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor is an FDA class I device that has helped thousands of stroke survivors in clinics and hospitals in almost 40 US states over the past decade. Building on clinically proven technology, the team at Motus Nova has developed the Mentor Home as the first and only “active assist” rehabilitation system that is both affordable and portable enough to be used independently for in home therapy.

Millions of Americans suffer from treatable physical deficits due to a lack of access to proper clinical treatment. Named the “Most Innovative Tech Company of 2019 in Georgia” by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Motus Nova’s Mentor Home enables clinic-level care to be accessible in every home through robotic enabled rehabilitation and AI enhanced “Theratainment”.

About Motus Nova

Motus at Home is an innovative robotics company, specializing in “active assist” devices designed to enhance the rehabilitation process after stroke by encouraging continued therapy at home. With challenging, interactive games, these devices can help improve range of motion, strength, and motor function through neuromuscular reeducation – helping the brain forge new pathways.

Motus has passion in developing creative solutions through scientifically backed innovative technologies to deliver sustained, long-lasting recovery from stroke and other brain injuries. We understand rehabilitation is a daily effort that continues long after leaving physical and occupational therapy.



4400 Ashford Dunwoody Road

Atlanta, GA 30346

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